Hot trends in knitted hats for the autumn-winter season 2023-2024

knitted-hats-2023-2024 Knitted hat

This article presents the hottest trends and main fashion trends in knitted hats for the autumn-winter season 2023-2024.

Trends in the fashion world are constantly changing, and this also applies to knitted hats. The following areas are highlighted for the autumn-winter season:

  1. Natural materials: alpaca, merino, cashmere and mohair wool continue to be popular.
  2. Bulky hats are ideal for harsh winters.
  3. Textured patterns attract attention. Braids, aranas and other patterns add structure to hats.
  4. Pastel shades: Baby pink, lavender, mint and beige are becoming popular colors. Monochrome ensembles are often preferred.
  5. Versatility and unisex: popular models that are suitable for both men and women as they are comfortable and practical.
  6. Logos and Branding: Brands add miniature logos or labels to their headers to highlight their status.
  7. Retro Revival: Inspiration from decades past brings beanies, ear flaps and other vintage styles into fashion.

These are only general trends; each person chooses for himself what he likes best and suits his personal style.

Why choose a fashionable knitted hats 2023-2024

Choosing a fashionable knitted hats 2023-2024 is important because headwear creates warmth and comfort during the cold season and is an element of style and self-expression.

Fashionable hats help you stand out, highlight your individuality and create the perfect look that matches current trends and personal preferences.

Season’s color palette

10 colors that, according to the Pantone Color Institute, will be popular this season. These colors will add their own characteristics, uniqueness and bright shades to women’s and men’s looks. In addition to the main colors, there are 5 classic shades that can become the basis for creating a wardrobe for the autumn season.

Basic colors

  1. Tender peach is a traditional nude color.
  2. Hight visibility that brings joy and energy.
  3. Menthol green color – carnival glass.
  4. A hint of fresh green kohlrabi.
  5. Red orange, reminiscent of blood orange, will certainly attract the attention of passersby.
  6. Burnt Sienna recreates the hue of African soil.
  7. A Rose violet hue reminiscent of a fuchsia flower.
  8. An elegant blue color reminiscent of the Persian jewel lapis lazuli.
  9. Dynamic red shade – Viva Magenta.
  10. The red dahlia is the epitome of sophistication.

Basic shades

  1. The color seedpearl is a symbol of elegance and sophistication. It is associated with luxury and classic beauty.
  2. The color Nimbus cloud envelops you with its mysterious and calming shade.
  3. Pale khaki is a sophisticated and earthy shade that combines neutrality and elegance. Ideal for creating accents or a dramatic and expressive look.
  4. Lava Smoke is an intriguing and deep shade with soft and smoky tones.
  5. The forest night immerses you in the atmosphere of mystery and depth of nature, adds sophistication and mysticism to any image, making it deeper and more expressive.

The popularity of various materials for knitted hats changes periodically, in 2023-2024, classic materials remain in demand:

  1. Merino wool is soft and warm, allows the skin to “breathe” and has antibacterial properties.
  2. Alpaca – light and super warm wool has a natural shine.
  3. Cashmere is a luxurious, incredibly soft and warm wool.
  4. Mohair is a fluffy and warm material.
  5. Yak wool – warm, soft, frost-resistant wool.
  6. Bamboo fiber is an environmentally friendly, lightweight and breathable material with a natural shine.
  7. Cotton – ideal for less cold days, strong and durable.
  8. Synthetic fibers such as acrylic and polyester are affordable and durable. Good quality options resemble natural materials.

Mixed materials that combine the properties of different fibers are becoming increasingly popular. Such materials provide comfort, durability and stylish appearance.

Patterns and decor

Designers actively use not only basic patterns, such as front and back stitch, elastic bands of all types, but also complex and fancy elements. Various types of braids and plaits, aran patterns and openwork knitting are popular.

Modern models are focused on minimalism and no frills. Most of them are made without unnecessary decorative accents. However, some brands choose to embellish the hats with a small brand logo or add a personal touch in the form of embroidery or a jacquard pattern with the brand name or even the wearer’s name.

Beanie hat – universal knitted hats 2023-2024

The beanie hat confidently holds a leading position among knitted hats. For many years, the beanie has remained an indispensable element of urban fashion and takes its rightful place in fashion shows.

This model is not only comfortable and fits perfectly on the head, but is also considered a favorite accessory in the wardrobe of many.

It is difficult to meet a modern person who would not appreciate the versatility of a headdress that can be combined with both elegant and sportswear.

Main models for the upcoming winter season:

  1. Beanie using the stockinette technique.
  2. Ribbed hat.
  3. Hat with arans and cables.

Beanie using the stockinette technique

The traditional beanie, made using the stockinette technique, fits snugly around the head and provides warmth even in harsh weather. Such hats include the model from Bluesky.


There is special demand for styles with roll-up lapels. They can be worn close to the head or with a long top, like Brooklyn designer Lauren Manoukian.

knitted-hats-2023-2024-Lauren Manoogian

On our website you will find a description for knitting a pattern of a hat with a roll and a simple beanie hat:

Beautiful basic hat with a rolled brim.

A new model called the carpenter’s hat is actively gaining popularity. It is distinguished by an elongated upper part, which has a trapezoidal shape. Author of the project: Lauren Manoogian.

vyazanye-golovnye-ubory-2023-2024- Lauren Manoogian

How to knit a hat using stockinette stitch, read the materials on our website:

  1. Women’s hat made of yarn with a print
  2. Children’s hat with jacquard knitting needles
  3. Simple square hat – 5 ways to knit
  4. Simple knitting hat — a step-by-step guide for beginners
  5. Hats stockinette stitch – 4 simple patterns for knitting in 1 evening

Ribbed knitted hats 2023-2024

A ribbed knitted hats 2023-2024 is a versatile and practical headdress. Thanks to a special knitting method, the rib has an elastic structure. This hat fits perfectly on the head, providing comfort and warmth during the cold season.

A ribbed hat is simple and versatile. It will harmoniously complement any clothing style, be it a luxurious cashmere coat, a stylish biker jacket or a casual down jacket.

Famous designers often include various modifications of this hat in their collections. Particularly popular are both models with an elongated crown and those that fit tightly to the head. A ribbed hat is knitted with or without a lapel, depending on preference. The photo shows a simple hat from the Brunello Cucinelli collection.

knitted-hats-2023-2024Brunello Cucinelli

The most universal are hats knitted with a 1 by 1 rib or 2 by 2 elastic. Hats knitted with all types of English rib never go out of fashion.

Hats knitted with English rib create a voluminous effect, which makes them especially warm and comfortable in the cold season. The variety of English ribs allows you to create stylish designs suitable for both everyday life and sports activities. Hat knitted Brunello Cucinelli with english rib.

knitted-hats-2023-2024 Brunello Cucinelli

All types of fluffy yarn are still popular: angora, alpaca and mohair. Fluffy yarn makes very comfortable and voluminous models. Model by Lauren Manoogian from the knitted hats 2023-2024 collection.

Lauren-Manoogian knitted-hats 2023-2024-collection

How to knit a ribbed hat, read the materials on our website:

  1. Female angora hat with needles and diagrams.
  2. Pumpkin hat with knitting needles.
  3. Beautiful women’s gloves with cables on 5 knitting needles

Knitted hats 2023-2024 with arans and cables

Models of hats with cables  and arans never go out of fashion and are classics in the world of knitted accessories. Such hats are very popular in fashion collections for the upcoming cold season due to their versatility and classic design. Cables and arans add texture, volume and interest to a hat, making it functional and stylish. Knitted hats 2023-2024, creator Fibflx.

knitted-hats-2023-2024 Fibflx

Many models combine several types of textures: smooth and elastic knitting, several types of braids. For added warmth and volume, hats with cables are complemented with cuffs. Children’s and youth hats are decorated with pompoms. Knitted hats 2023-2024 with pompoms, creator Alexander McQueen.

knitted-hats-2023-2024 Alexander McQueen

The combination of small cables and arans gives the hats a special chic and sophistication. This style is universal and will suit both men and women. Hat with small braids and arans from Brunello Cucinelli.

knitted-hats-2023-2024-Brunello Cucinelli

How to knit a cables hat, read the materials on our website:

  1. Fashionable knitted cable hat is plush merino wool.
  2. Fashionable knitted cable hat is plush merino wool

Knitted earflaps and trapers – the latest fashion trends

Knitted earflaps are considered a classic attribute of the winter wardrobe. Such hats are famous for their warmth and comfort and are associated with cold winters. Today, this accessory is conquering the world’s catwalks and wardrobes of modern fashionistas.

Earflaps is associated with countries with cold climates. The large “ears” of the earflaps can be pulled down in cold weather or raised up and secured to the top of the hat on warm days.

Earflaps is traditionally used in casual or for outdoor recreation: hunting, fishing or walking in the forest.

Knitted versions of these hats are used by designers to create fashionable and creative looks and are popular.

Knitted hats with “ears” are universal and suitable for men’s, children’s and women’s fashion 2023-2024.

I suggest exploring new models from famous designers and brands:

Discover Moncler’s offers a variety of hat options with ear flaps. A classic version with short ears and ties. The hat, in a fashionable Burnt Sienna color, fits snugly to your head. The top of the hat is closed with 8 wedges and decorated with laces and tassels.

knitted-hats-2023-2024-Discover Moncler's

The second option is a feminine hat of a delicate mother-of-pearl color, knitted with a patent elastic band. The elongated ears of the hat are decorated with fur pompoms.

Lauren Manoogian presented a cap made of fine jersey with a lapel. The “ears” of the hat smoothly turn into long ties.


This Valentino hat with a lapel is knitted with a 2 x 2 elastic band. The elongated ears of the hat are tied up or worn open.


An unusual version from the company Vlas Blomme can be worn not only as a hat, but also used as a hood by tying wide long ears in the form of a scarf.


Balaclavas and hoods in the upcoming autumn-winter season

In recent years, streetwear fashion has been reimagining classic wardrobe staples with an emphasis on functionality, comfort and individuality. In the upcoming autumn-winter season, balaclavas and hoods continue to remain key wardrobe elements.

These hats, which appeared on fashion catwalks several years ago, have long been adopted by manufacturers from the mass market and the majority of needlewomen.

These hats are similar, so a balaclava and a hoods are often confused with each other, although there are differences between them.

The difference between a balaclava and a hood lies in their design and functionality:

  1. A balaclava is a headdress that covers the entire head, face and neck, leaving only the eyes exposed. In some models, you can lower the top and open the face. The hood resembles a removable hood, which is sometimes sewn onto outerwear.
  2. Balaclavas are often used in the cold season by skiers, motorcyclists or military personnel. Hoods are designed for temporary protection from bad weather while walking.

Modern models are suitable for both men and women. Creative options are sometimes complemented with a visor, which looks unusual. The long, durable visor of the Capspop balaclava protects against sunlight and snow. This balaclava is suitable for snowy and windy places.


A soft knitted H&M hood with a drawstring at the armhole – perfect for pairing with your jacket.


The fashion house GENNY presented fluffy sweaters with balaclava-shaped hats attached to them in the winter collection 2023-2024.


Stylish bonnets for adults – favorite accessories for autumn and winter 2023-2024

Bonnets for adults, as interpreted by modern designers, demonstrate a unique combination of comfort, style and practicality. This headdress goes well with both business suits and casual wear, making each look complete and stylish.

United Colors of Benetton presented handmade round bonnets with ties in the new collection. The caps are made in the same color as the knitted ensemble and are decorated with intricate openwork knitting.

knitted-hats-2023-2024-UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON

This model from Bonnet is hand knitted and easy to use. The cap is completed with a clasp with a gold metal button.


The feminine version from Julie Bonnet is made in garter stitch from fluffy yarn.


Elegant knitted hats 2023-2024

Knitted headpieces in the form of hats are still a key accessory for the cold season 2023-2024. Designers presented a variety of models to the public.

Bucket hat

The bucket hat is a round top hat with a short brim that is versatile and suits both men and women, adding a relaxed and casual style.

The bucket hat became popular in the 90s thanks to hip-hop culture and youth fashion. Now there is a renewed interest in this style, which is why fashion brands have introduced their own versions of this classic hat. A variant of such a hat was a bouclé wool headdress from Kenzo from the Resort 23 collection.

bucket hat

Cloche hat

The cloche hat is a feminine and elegant headpiece with a soft brim that cascades around the face. The cloche hat became a symbol of elegance and femininity in the 1920s. Back then, ladies wore cloches with short flapper-style dresses. Now the cloche has become popular again thanks to fashion shows.

The cloche hat perfectly complements retro-style outfits, mid-length dresses, pencil skirts and blouses and adds a touch of romance and tenderness to the look. Although traditionally associated with vintage fashion, these hats can also be paired with modern clothing.



The Panama hat was once a traditional summer accessory; now fashion is replete with winter versions of this headdress. The winter Panama hat combines a classic shape and warm materials, making it a suitable accessory for the cold season.

A warm Panama hat goes well with coats, leather jackets and down jackets. Panama has become an excellent alternative to the traditional winter hat and adds elegance to the image.


Hats with wide brims

Knitted hats 2023-2024 with wide brims combine functionality and style, emphasizing the individuality of the image.

Winter models of wide-brimmed hats go well with coats, fur coats or warm cardigans, providing additional protection from the cold.

The classic version of the wide-brimmed hat is presented by the luxury knitted clothing brand Pugnat.


How to made knitted hats 2023-2024, read the materials on our website:

  1. Crocheted hat for winter from 2 types of yarn.
  2. Fluffy yarn hat for winter.

Knitted berets are in fashion 2023-24

The beret is a classic headdress that never goes out of style, and thanks to the creativity of designers, new options are emerging. This practical accessory continues to delight fashionistas with its versatility, comfort and sophistication.

Knitted berets 2023-24 are a mixture of tradition and innovation, making them an indispensable accessory for stylish and confident women.

For berets, simple knitting is used: front and back stitch and any types of elastic, which does not make them less attractive.

Decoration in the form of pompoms, sequins and embroidery adds additional zest to berets. This pom pom embellished beret from Anthropologie’s looks great.


Knitted berets go well with coats, leather jackets, and knitted cardigans. Depending on the style of clothing, the beret can be worn traditionally or tilted to one side, adding French charm to the image.

The Vitacci company offers fashionistas ribbed knitted berets in a wide range of colors. Such a headdress will certainly attract the glances of passersby.


The beret with a band from Lana Grossa is knitted in regular stockinette stitch and perfectly complements the ensemble with a sweater made of the same yarn.


Fashionable knitted headscarf

Knitted headscarves have gained popularity due to their combination of practicality, convenience and elegance. This accessory becomes especially relevant in the cold season.

When making scarves for winter, preference is given to natural materials such as wool, mohair, and alpaca.

Knitted headscarves are worn not only as a warm accessory, tied around the head, but also as a scarf.

Headscarves are combined with coats, jackets and knitted sweaters, creating a cozy and harmonious look.

The INSPIRE company offers fashionistas a headscarf made of tightly knitted merino wool. The scarf is large in size, so it is worn not only as a scarf, but also as a hood, snood or hood, covering the head and tied tightly around the neck. This scarf is used as a voluminous scarf, covering the chest and neck from the wind.


The Lauren Manoogian scarf is smaller in size and made from lightweight jersey. This headdress is suitable for sunny autumn days.


The headscarf from the Lola Hats collection looks tiny. It barely covers the top of the head and visually resembles a cap.


Knitted headbands

Knitted headbands are considered an indispensable accessory for everyday walks and for outdoor activities in the first cool days.

Knitted headbands are worn with outerwear of various styles. Headbands look very stylish with wavy or loose hair. The width of the headband depends on preference and the style chosen.

Most fashion collections present laconic options that fit tightly around the head. This headband can be found in the Cos collection.


Headbands with a turban-like weave on the front are popular, adding a touch of charm to the look. This headband can be found in the Soft Goats collection.



Knitted hats 2023-2024 that emphasize individuality and create comfort during the cold season. Contemporary hats reflect current fashion trends by combining traditional knitting techniques with modern designs.

This season, everyone will find an accessory to their taste, be it a hat with an openwork pattern, a beret or a knitted headscarf.

Fashion collections feature both neutral shades and bright saturated colors. Modern materials make it possible to produce hats that provide warmth and comfort, making winter days pleasant and stylish.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and add hot trends in knitted hats for the autumn-winter season 2023-2024 to your look that will highlight your uniqueness and taste.

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