Beautiful basic hat with a rolled brim

basic hat with a rolled brim Knitted hat

Basic hat with a rolled brim is an excellent starter project for those new to knitting hats! Made with thick yarn and the straightforward stockinette stitch, you’ll quickly learn how to knit a beanie with this swift project!

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Simple knitting hat — a step-by-step guide for beginners.

S/M – L/XL
Fits head-size: 52/54 – 56/58 cm.

basic hat with a rolled brim

Materials and Tools

  1. Super Soft from Lana Gatto. Composition: 100% Extra Fine Merino. 100-100 g, color 9428 gray-blue. 50 g / 137 yds (125 m).
  2. Circular needle size 3.5 mm (US8, GB6): Length 40 cm (16//).
  3. Circular needle size 3.5 mm (US8, GB6): Length 80 cm (31//).
  4. Knitting markers.
  5. Yarn sewing needle.
  6. Scissors.
  7. Ruler.
  8. Tailor’s meter.

Knitting tension: 21 stitches wide and 36 rows high in facing loops = 10 x 10 cm = 4// * 4//

Note: The needle size is only a guide. If 10 cm produces too many stitches, change to a larger needle. If there are too few stitches in 10 cm, change to a smaller needle.

How to knit basic hat with a rolled brim

basic hat with a rolled brim

Cast on 132-136 stitches with circular needle size 3.5 mm (40 см), using Lana Gatto Super Soft.

After casting on your stitches, begin knitting the hat. Join in the round, being careful not to twist stitches.

Knit 132-136 with facing loops in a 5 cm = 2 inches circle.

Knit in the round until your hat is 16 – 18 см = 6 – 7 inches long. Try on your hat to see if it the length is right for you. If it’s too short, keep knitting until it feels long enough. If it’s a little too long, you can just roll the brim a little more.

Knit 1 row and decrease 36-36 stitches evenly spaced = 96-100 stitches.

Next row knit in facing loops and insert 5 markers with 18 loops between each.

Marker-1 is inserted after the first loop, leaving 17 loops after the last marker at the end of the row.

Crown Decreases

basic hat with a rolled brim

Make the Double decreases with a decorative loop in the center.

In this method, one loop is made from three loops, and each part of the hat is evenly trimmed on both sides. The number of loops in one part is reduced by 2 loops in every second row.

Disminuir de la manera siguiente:

  • Tejer hasta que reste 1 punto antes del punto con marcador, deslizar 2 puntos como si se fuesen a tejer juntos de derecho, tejer 1 punto derecho, pasar los puntos deslizados por encima del punto tejido.
  • Repetir en cada marcador (10 puntos disminuidos en la hilera).


Vea en el vídeo cómo hacer una doble reducción centrada:

Cut the strands, pull them through the remaining stitches, tighten and fasten well.  The hat measures approx. 23 cm.

I hope that after reading our description, you can easily knit a basic hat with a rolled brim.

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