magic-loop-knitting-two-at-a-time Set of loops
Magic Loop: Knitting Two at a Time
For knitters the Magic Loop technique is a game changer! With just a single long circular needle, you
Knit and knit
The Tubular Cast-On Set of loops
The Tubular Cast-On — the easiest way to knit a beautiful edge
The Tubular Cast-On provides a seamless start to your knitting, ensuring a polished and tidy beginning.
Knit and knit
The 2 by 2 Elastic Stitch Set Set of loops
Beautiful Elastic edge for knitting 2 by 2 rib
Elastic edge for knitting 2 by 2 rib is a nice way to start your knitting that helps create a flexible
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long_tail_tubular Set of loops
Long Tail Tubular Cast On
You know how a knit 1, purl 1 rib is nice and stretchy except for that taut line along the cast on edge?
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