Female angora hat with needles and diagrams

female-angora-hat Knitted hat

The female angora hat will be a great solution for winter days. With our diagrams and description, you can easily tie such a hat.


S/M – M/L – L/XL

Fits head size approx.: 54/56 – 56/58 – 58/60 cm

Height with 10 cm turn-up = 24-25-26 cm

Materials and needles

  1. Yarn: Lotus yarns, 90%angora 10%nylon, 50 г/350м. Knit in 2 additions.200-200-200 g, colour white.
  2. Circular needle size 4 mm: Length 40 cm.
  3. Double pointed needles size 4 mm.
  4. The technique magic loop can be used – you then only need a circular needle of 80 cm.

Knitting tension

22 stitches in width and 28 rows in height = 10 x 10 cm.

Note: Needle size is only a guide. If you get too many stitches to 10 cm, change to a larger needle size. If you get too few stitches to 10 cm, change to a smaller needle size.

Explanations for the pattern the female angora hat

Increase council:

Increase each stitch on each side of the marker as follows: Work until there is a 1 loop before stitching with a marker, make 1 thread on top, knit 2 (marker), make 1 thread on top (2 stitches are enlarged). On next row, knit yarn overs twisted.

Decrease tip:

Decrease on each side of each marker as follows: Work until there are 2 loop markers, make 1 stitch, work 1 and slip the stitch of the cape over the knitted stitch, remove the marker, work 2 stitches together (= reduced by 2 stitches).


Hat – short overview of the piece

The hat is started with double pointed needles and worked in the round, top down. Change to circular needle when you have enough stitches. Stitches are increased at the top and the hat works as a tube,  then stitches are decreased for the other end.

When finished, one end is pushed into the other so the inside of the hat. There is a turnip of 10 cm. The hat is reversible.

Apply 10 stitches on dual-use needles size 4 mm.

Round 1: * Knitting 1, make 1 yarn over *, work from *-* all around.

Round 2: Work the yarn on top and work the loops = 20 stitches.

Insert 4 markers, insert markers between stitches, so that between each marker in the round there are 5 loops.

Then knit the elastic (k1p1) stitch and increase one stitch on each side of the marker – read the tip of the increase (= 8 stitches increases by around: Increase, like this, every third round of 9-10-11 times in total = 92-100-108 stitches.

Allow the markers to follow your work onwards; they are used when decreasing later.

Remember the knitting tension!

It is important to close the hole in the cast-on edge now; use a needle and strand and tack up and down through the stitches, tighten and fasten the strand well on the wrong side.

Continue knitting (k1, P1) in a circle until the length of the product reaches 34-35-36 cm from the cast edge. The hat is half done.

Make sure you have fastened the strands well after as they cannot be fastened once the hat is finished.


The second part of the angora hat

Continue stitching the stocking in the round until the item size is 22-23-24 cm.

Now reduce 1 stitch on each side of each marker to the REDUCE TIP (= 8 stitches decreased). Reduce every third round for a total of 10-11-12 times.

When all the reductions are finished, 20 stitches remain.

The next round will be as follows: Knit two (2) stitches together (K2tog) = 10 stitches.

Cut the strand, thread the yarn through the remaining stitches and tighten. Fasten the strand so it can be pulled through to the wrong side and is invisible on the right side.

Fold the hat in half. Turn the edge off by 10 cm.

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I hope that after studying our description, you will have no trouble connecting the angora hat.

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