Men’s socks with 5 needles step-by-step description

mens-socks-with-5-spokes Knitted socks
Men's socks with 5 spokes step by step description. Our material is intended for beginners who are learning to knit socks with 5 knitting needles.

Men’s socks with 5 needles step-by-step description for experienced and beginners.

Knitting men’s socks with 5 needles is considered very popular. Therefore, it should be possible for any seamstress to knit socks on 5 needles .

Our material with a step-by-step description is intended for novice craftsmen who are just mastering the method of knitting socks with 5 needles .



Sizes: 38/40 — 41/43 — 44/46 = US 6/7 — 8/10 — 10 1/2/12 1/2
Foot length: 24-27-30 cm = 9 1/2″-10 5/8″-11 3/4″.
Leg length: 20-21-22 cm = 8″-8 1/4″-8 3/4″.
Heel height: 6-7-7 cm = 2 3/8″-2 3/4″-2 3/4″.


Yarn Brand Name: Schachenmayr.
Yarn Name: Regia Premium Merino Yak.
Ball Weight: 100g.
Length: 400 metres (438 yard).
Blend: 28% Polyamide, 58% Wool, 14% Yak.
Double pointed needles size 2.5 mm / US 1.5.

Knitting density:

26 stitches and 34 rows in stockinette stitch = width 10 cm

4’’ and 10 cm / 4’’ vertically.

The structure of the sock

In order not to be confused in terms while knitting, before you begin work, you should study the structure of the sock.


Men’s socks with 5 needles — knitting description

Knitted cuffs

The work is knitted round. Begin at the mid back.
Cast on 60-64-68 sts on double pointed needles size 2.5 mm [US 1].


Knit Rib as follows:
Two smallest sizes: K1 *P2, K2* repeat from *-* and finish with P2 and K1.
Largest size: P1 *K2, P2* repeat from *-* and finish with K2 and P1.
Repeat until the piece measures 18-19-20 cm [7’’-7½’’-8’’].


Knitting heels

Now keep the first 13-13-15 sts on the needle and put the following 34-38-38 sts on a thread or a stitch holder (= the mid top of the foot) keep the next 13-13-15 sts = 26-26-30 sts for the heel. Knit heel sts back and forth in stocking sts for 5-5.5-6 cm [2’’-2,2″-2,4″] and insert a marking thread (MT) in the middle (after 13-13-15 sts).

Men's socks with 5 spokes

Decreasing for heel men’s socks with 5 needles

1st row (= RS): K until 7-7-8 sts left, slip the next st, K1, psso, turn the work
2nd row (=WS): P until 7-7-8 sts left, slip the next st, P1, psso, turn the work.
3rd row (=RS): K until 6-6-7 sts left, slip the next st, K1, psso, turn the work
4th row (=WS): P until 6-6-7 sts left, slip the next st, P1, psso, turn the work.
Continue like this with 1 less st left before each dec until there are 14-14-16 sts left on row.

Knit heel

Foot lift wedge (gusset) men’s socks with 5 needles

When the heel dec. are completed pick up 11-13-13 sts each side of the heel and put the 34-38-38 sts from the thread or stitch holder back on needles = 70-78-80 sts.
Continue in stocking sts over the first 18-20-21 sts then *P2, K2* repeat from *-* over the following 32-36-36 sts, P2. And knit the remaining 18-20-21 sts in stocking sts.
At the same time dec. 1 st each side as follows: K the last 2 st — before the 34-38-38 middle sts at the top of the foot — twisted tog. (e.i. knit into the back part of st instead of the front part).

K the first 2 sts — after the top 34-38-38 sts — tog. Continue this dec. on every other row a total of 9-10-9 times = 52-58-62 sts.

Men's socks with 5 spokes

Knit until the work measures 18-19-21 cm [7’’-7½’’-8’’] from the MT on the heel.

Decrease in the toe

Insert a MT (Marker) each side (26-29-31 sts in between the 2 MT).

Continue in stocking sts over all sts at the same time dec. for the toe each side of the MT: Dec as follows before 1 st and the MT: K2 tog. Dec as follows after the MT and 1 st: K2 twisted tog. Dec. each side on every other row a total of 3-6-7 times and on every row a total of 7-5-5 times = 12-14-14 sts left on needle. On the following round K all sts tog. 2 by 2. Cut the thread and pull it through the remaining sts. Pull tight and sew.

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I hope that after studying the description, you will be able to knit Men’s socks with 5 needles.



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