Beautiful Elastic edge for knitting 2 by 2 rib

The 2 by 2 Elastic Stitch Set Set of loops

Elastic edge for knitting 2 by 2 rib is a nice way to start your knitting that helps create a flexible, stretchy edge and gives your project a nice factory look. The edge with elastic loops stretches well and does not cause discomfort when wearing finished products.

For which products is an elastic set of loops used for knitting 2 by 2 elastic bands?

Beautiful Elastic edge for knitting 2 by 2 rib is used for knitting pieces that require an elastic edge. In this way, loops are cast on for:

  1. Bottom edge of the cap. The elasticated edge fits snugly to the head.
  2. The top edge of the socks. Elastic cuffs do not squeeze the leg, and the socks are easy to put on.
  3. Sweater collars for a comfortable fit around the neck.
  4. Sleeve cuffs and mittens for comfort and warmth.

To set the elastic edge for knitting 2 by 2 rib will need

  1. Basic knitting needles
  2. The additional knitting needle is half the number smaller than the main knitting needles.
  3. The hook is the same size as the main knitting needles.
  4. Basic yarn.
  5. Additional thread in contrasting color.

How to cast on using a crochet hook and a knitting needle

A crochet set on a knitting needle is used to obtain a beautiful edge.

elastic-edge-for-knitting-2 b-2-rib

Take additional yarn.

Make a start loop with the crochet hook, place the crochet hook and knitting needle next to each other.

elastic-edge-for-knitting-2 b-2-rib

*Put the thread behind the knitting needle, get the thread on front with the crochet hook.

elastic-edge-for-knitting-2 b-2-rib

And pull it through the loop on the crochet hook.


*. Repeat * – * to the desired stitch numbers – 1. Put the thread behind the knitting needle and put the stitch on the crochet hook to the knitting needle. Now work stockinette st.

elastic-edge-for-knitting-2 b-2-rib

At the end of the cast-on row we crochet a chain of chain stitches. We pull the thread through the last loop and fasten.

Three auxiliary rows with main yarn

Take the main yarn and knit three rows in stockinette stitch.

We knit the first row with facial loops. We also knit the last loop. Let’s turn the workaround.


We knit the next row with purl stitches. We knit the first and last loops in the purl row with purl loops.

Furthermore, we knit the third row with facial loops. Likewise, we knit the first and last loops with facial loops.

Next, release the fixed end of the cast-on row and undo the loops cast on with an additional thread.

We put the freed loops on a knitting needle of a smaller number. We count the loops.

There should be the same number of loops on each knitting needle.

Ribbed knit 2 by 2

We place the knitting needles parallel to each other. We knit two facial loops from the first knitting needle. Not only that, but we knit two purl loops from the second knitting needle.

Then we knit two knit stitches again from the first needle. And two purl stitches from the second needle.

We continue to alternate two knit stitches and two purl stitches until the end of the row.

We knit the last two loops purl.

Furthermore, we knit the second and all subsequent rows according to the pattern. Alternating two knit stitches and two purl stitches.

How to Use an Elastic edge for knitting 2 by 2 rib in the Round

Beautiful Elastic edge for knitting 2 by 2 rib is well suited for both knitting in rotary rows and knitting in the round.

Knit the first three rows with the main thread using turned rows.


Also knit the first row of 2 by 2 rib.

Slip stitches onto circular needles. Then connect the beginning and end of the cast-on edge. Continue knitting in circular rows until desired height.

The result is a beautiful cast-on edge that stretches well.

Beautiful Elastic edge for knitting 2 by 2 rib is a good starting point for knitting the bottom edges of hats, the top edges of socks, sweater collars, sweater cuffs and mittens.

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